With a little persuasion, I got my little sister to model for me (for the price of dinner). She's pretty shy and hates to have her photo taken, so I often don't get a lot of movement or different facial expressions from her. I made it work as I usually do :) In this case it worked out.

I had found some old Christmas decor that my grandma no longer and decided to put those gold branches to use. After a couple of days, the ideas came a flowing and I decided I wanted to do a gold themed shoot. I had the metallic dress in my client closet along with a gold-flecked old shower curtain that I no longer use. I love using what I have around me to create something unique. I love the challenge of not spending money and keeping it simple.

For the this last set of photos. I used a little white mesh baggie over my lens to get that airy, blurry feel. I really liked that the situation really called for it — giving the portraits more depth to them.