A couple of weeks ago, I had one of my favorite shoots to date with my old babysitter, Stephanie and her family. After moving back to the States after about 5 years in tow with her husband and two daughters ( a wonderful addition from her time in Chile) , she wanted to capture some new family portraits. Since she's a farm girl at heart, we decided to shoot in a small pasture and barn on a piece of my dad's land. I always love shooting out there with the tall grass — it makes for such a dreamy experience.

Another reason why this shoot was so special was because the newest addition to the family is a little redheaded cutie. I always have a soft spot in my heart for little redheads, especially when they are the only in their family just like myself. I loved watching Stephanie interact with her littles with such love and kindness — just like she did when babysitting my sister and I. The more I photograph families, the more I enjoy capturing the love and laughter (and annoying) moments they have with each other.