Lindsay, owner of the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio in Quincy, Illinois, wanted something unique and fun for a small branding session. She included her oldest son which made for some fun posing. She wanted something more urban and instantly thought about this wall in Quincy. This mural 'I Love Calftown,' is located in what is known as Calftown in Quincy. A long time along it was named that for the amount of cattle living in the area back when the city was newer. I used to travel by the mural for work and was always curious about it. Life is weird because a couple of months later I met the owner of the building — an artist and photographer herself and we became friends after chatting. It was nice to find someone in my small town who had a similar story to me. She had also worked for the local newspaper and now freelancing around the area. Whether it's a yoga instructor or fellow photographer, it's always lovely to meet new people.